I have a red dot and no picture

My Xbox 360 slim Star wars edition console has a red dot and no picture

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Hi Paul!

Could be multiple things. Most common thing is that the processor died/failed.

Do you have a video about what's happening? Thanks!


Hello sir.

The console I wanted to buy has been sold. Im going to keep looking for a Xbox 360 slim Star wars r2d2 edition console or a motherboard to repair mine.id like to thank you for trying to help me. One other thing I am looking for is a quality analog joystick set for two wired and two wireless controllers I don't know if you may have any information on this or not.But thanks for all your help.



@paulmyers45084 Hi Paul! No problem! Quality analogsticks can be found on Amazon, same for the controllers! You can also buy them on AilExpress. Good luck!


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