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The models of series C, E and F are technologically related. They stem from the Swiss company Eugster Frismag. Similar devices were distributed under the brand names Krupps, AEG f.ex.

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Grinder motor not turning on - conical burrs already replaced

Jura C9, worked flawlessly after brew group refresh 3 years ago. Now getting a "Fill Beans" error, no coffee, no grinding. Replaced the conical burr grinder gears and reassembled. Grind motor is not turning on when you try to brew.

Motor is not getting power during brew as verified via a meter. So I'm assuming there is/are 1 or more inline fuses I need to find.

Has anyone run into this problem? Where do you source replacements?

Thank you

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@bradnic let's see if the iFixit guru @vauweh has a trick up his sleeve ;-) to help you out.


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@bradnic So you have already checked whether the mains voltage is present on the grinder when you want to make a coffee? And you are sure its zero? In this case I see two possibilities, one slight and one serious: First check the thermal fuse, which ist clamped to the side of the grinder. You can bridge it, just for testing. The resistence should be zero ohms. If not, replace it. The other possibility is a faulty motherboard. Well, it could be fixed, but that is difficult. You have to follow the tracks on the motherboard from the connection until you reach the relevant transistor or triac. This could be one possible cause. Maybe you can find a used part to replace the complete motherboard. Concerning the parts: depends where you live. In europe its easy and rather cheap. Personally, I usually buy from the following retailer. I also provide the link to the thermal fuse. Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply @vauweh. I did end up bypassing the thermal fuse to test it and found it defective. Already ordered a replacement from This machine really is a marvel.


Good news, @bradnic! Another good machine saved from the bin. Repair is war on entropy.

Keep a close eye on the machine in the near future, perhaps there is a reason why the fuse has blown.


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