Brand New Machine, all brew size buttons light up, cannot select any

I got a BRAND NEW MACHINE, never used, just unpacked it. Water is in and it is plugged in, no battery or any nonsense needed. I press the start button and ALL three cup size buttons light up (6, 8 and 10). They do NOt flush and nothing happens when I press one of them. Not brewing at all. Not water, not coffee, not cocoa or anything else, just not sucking in water at all and also not a specific cup size blinking, like it should. I press it and nothing. After a few seconds, they all turn off and no lights are on. Yes, I have water in the reservoir. Yes I have an original KCup in the cup holder. Yes, all original Keurig parts. Yes, outlet has power and the lights go on, just not flushing and I cannot select one of the three. WHAT IS GOING ON??? Anyone?

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