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Complete repair manual for the PSP Go, including battery upgrade and display repair instructions.

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Why won't my PSP Go turn on after fall?

Hello and thank you for your help.

I was playing with my psp go the other day and fell. The hit was a bit hard, in the back of the console. The screen turned off and the console won't turn on (no green light appear when pressing the on button), no light AT ALL.

When I tryed to charge the battery it worked (orange light) until it got full (no light at all when I connect it). But still no answer...

I chequed the charge of the battery (openning the console and tearing everything appart) and it works fine (it gave 4.11 V if I remember correctly).

I also took the console to a place where they fix them, and they basically told me they have no idea what is it. They told me the fuses are fine, but they have no spare parts of the psp go to continue checking.

When I connect my psp go to my computer there is no answer at all. I tried to hold the reset button for a long time, and many different things, but no answer at all.

I thought maybe the intern mechanism of the on/off button is not working well (as it is strange to see no answer at all when pressing it). Is there any way to make it work the "hard way"? (maybe opening it, or conecting mannually the 4 connections that enter the component). Which is the exact conection I should apply? does anyone know? I know quite a bit about electronics and I have engineer friends that will help me, so is the a potential I should apply between this connections known to turn on the psp go?

Thanks a lot for your time. I'm a bit amazed how with just one falling my psp go totally broke up.... thats why I want to make sure its totally dead!

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Check all your connections first. BTW just because someone told you something is "fine" double check on it. So, check your fuses. Check your logic board and your power switch with a multimeter to make sure that it is getting power. Look for nay components that may be a. loose or b. broke off. Check all the connectors for proper placement and connections. Trouble shooting this error is difficult since it can be practically anything that may have failed. Start with power and the switch. You can use your multimeter to determine how your switch opens and close the contacts, after that you can bridge the switch and see if it makes a difference. Hope this helps to get you started.

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Hi i have same problem,my fuses are all ok, no sign off any internal damage , i take out my battery from psp for a week and than i put again and connect charger. Orange LED turns on and after a minute i press power switch and PSP TURNS ON :) . My theority , PSP needs discharge all electronic componets (capacitores,etc...) for a GOOD RESET . I hope this will help ,

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Hello  was playing with my psp the other day and fell. The hit was a bit hard, in the back of the console.Now on less I put it on charge before I can play, even that it last for just 6 min and it turns off. Pls help me


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