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Repair documentation for the Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch. Released in September 2019.

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in the image below the circled part went bad.

Hi All,

I have basically this same issue. I've taken my fitbit apart, cleaned a lot of corrosion off of it. But still not working. For a brief moment it came back on but nothing else. I think in the image below the circled part went bad. Is this part an Inductor? I think it is but unsure. Wonder where I could get a replacement for this?

Block Image

Block Image

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@redamada really herd to see but it does not look like an inductor. Not saying it isn't, but the order on where it is located and how it is soldered looks odd. I wonder if it is a Diode or even an FET. 2nd picture, bottom part looks damaged. Is there any way you can zoom in on the component above it. Do you see any markings on it when you use a microscope?


@redamada since this was converted from another question, can you verify that your fitbit is a Fitbit Versa 2?


Yes, it's damaged. Yes it's a Fitbit Versa 2.


Without markings on the device, service data, or very clear photo of the part and connections to it, it is not possible to tell what that is or even guess.

However, it does not appear to be an inductor based on the size.


Additional photos. [image|3318198][image|3318197][image|3318195][image|3318196]


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I see that the first image you linked is from an ebay listing for parts (I stumbled into the same one in my searching), is the bottom image your actual device? Or another one you provided for reference? It would help to see what you're actually looking at if possible.

I pulled up a YouTube teardown of the Versa 2 and grabbed this image of the motherboard to reference.

Block Image

It does look like an inductor and if the bottom image in your post is of your actual device, then it's possible it's damaged. You can test those at least on a very basic level by seeing if there is continuity through it with a multi-meter (there should be, or at least very low resistance).

I tried to see if I could find a datasheet for this chip to see if it recommends anything specific in the surrounding circuitry, but not finding anything specific.

How was your Versa actually damaged? Inductors rarely fail because of liquid damage, which sounds like it might be the case if you were cleaning up corrosion.

Update because I can't help myself:

Here's a different angle from that video where you can see the sides and this does not say inductor to me. I left some more info in my comment below, but I am more likely to think they are in fact mosfets or other tiny packaged ICs. But they could still be inductors, it's hard to tell with any of the images I could find.

Block Image

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Yes, the good image is from eBay. The terrible quality one is from me. The Versa 2 stopped working after swimming. Shut off completely. Completely unresponsive. There was a lot of corrosion on the power connectors. I was getting 3.9 volts out of the battery. It says right on it 3.85 volt battery so I figure that's good. One time putting it back together and trying to test, the bottom lights turned on and it vibrated when I hit the power button so I thought I might have life again. But by the time I reassembled there was no power again.


@redamada I do see some minor sings of corrosion in this area in your picture, but agree its hard to make out the details (I know it's hard to get pictures of stuff that small).

On second look, I rewatched through the video and those components are quite shiny and when the board gets turned, you can see there are 2 points of contact on the camera facing side (I added into my answer) which would say to me it's more likely it's not an inductor. It's probably, as @oldturkey03 mentioned, a mosfet, or a small IC. I have seen those sort of polished mosfets in iPhones. Which seems more consistent with the damage I see in your picture. Either way, without being able to see the markings on them, its unlikely we'll be able to help find a match. You can try and find a board online to harvest them from, but for the cost, it's probably just as well to replace the whole board.


I got some additional photos. The mosfets or inductors or whatever they are say 7M on them. I really think it's an inductor because I could sort of see what looked like a little bit of copper wire inside it. Additional photos to come.


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