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Nothing Technology is a consumer technology company based out of London, England. They are responsible for Nothing Phone 1, Nothing Phone 2, and Nothing Ear 1 and 2.

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How to change the Aluminum body frame

My nothing phone 1 body frame get bend and scratches I want to change the body frame from where I can get the frame and how can I fix it?

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Looking at a Teardown of the nothing phone 1, it looks as if you may be able to remove the majority of the components and install them in a new frame, this can be a difficult process however, and it seems there may not be a lot of places for spare parts

and I have found this site that offers parts, I have no affiliation with them, and know nothing of there reputation

there have been a few posts on repair communities and forms that are complaining that there are very few parts available for the nothing phones in General

I wish you luck, and hope you document your progress.

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