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Why my tv gets hang?

I have Mi 32 smart tv, but it's has some issue. Whenever I starts my tv it won't get started but after hours or a day the tv starts but after getting on for above 20 min the tv gets hang, means I can't change the channel or even raise or low the volume, then I have to directly switch off the tv from the plug.

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@harshkaran92697 unplug your TV. remove the back cover. Take a look (do not touch) all of the boards and check for any obviously damaged components. Next, take some well focused pictures of all of your boards and post those with your Question. that way we can see what you see. Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente

You also need to verify that your TV is a 4A L32M6-E If it is not, let us know what model it is.


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From what you describe it might be a mainboard issue, more specifically something related to the logic of the TV like the CPU. Given that it takes around 20 minutes to hang, it could be related to thermal stress on the CPU, could be cold or cracked joint on one of the solder balls underneath the CPU, in that case a fix would either necessitate a reflow, reball of the CPU or replacement of the mainboard itself. Of course I cannot assure that without further information, but it would be a good place to start.

From my experience, if a tv shows the standby light and refuses to power on it indicates this type of issue. You might have gotten it to start once or twice by pure luck when the solder joints where making slight contact.

Check out this video of someone attempting a reflow using a hot air gun, keep in mind these are not the proper tools, but If you have nothing to loose and want to give this a shot before buying a new mainboard go ahead! Be careful when working with TV's as they could contain dangerous voltages even after unplugging, only do so if you're comfortable and leave it unplugged for a while.

Best of luck!

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