Jenn Air Modification to internal water dispenser?

I have a Jen Air JFD2589KEP2 refrigerator that came with my house. There is a water dispenser inside the fridge cabinet on the left wall and you have to push a button over the spout to dispense the water. I decided I hate this and went about flipping it around to be on the outside of the same wall, to avoid having to open the fridge to get water. I designed and 3d printed a new spout, moving the button to the bottom for one handed operation. Well it turns out there is a safety feature that will only allow the water to be dispensed when the fridge door is open. Can anyone out there help me with a work around to enable the water to flow without having to open the fridge. I managed to get a service manual for this model and it looks like the water switch shares the same wire going to the door ajar switches.

Here is a link to my G-drive with pictures and the service manual.

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