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Launch Date : August 29, 2022 (Official), Operating System : Android v12 , Custom UI : Funtouch OS

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My phone is showing me the option that infrared rays blocked.

My phone is showing me infrared rays blocked option. How can i fix it.

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Front camera not working


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Based on the resources I can find, the infrared sensor in this case is in or near the front facing camera. I have seen a few fixes mentioning this could be a software issue, and you'll need to do a factory reset on your phone to fix.

But, it could also be that there is damage to the sensor, or there is something in the way, This could be something as simple as fingerprints or dirt over your front camera, or a screen protector that's getting in the way. I would give it a good cleaning with a microfiber cloth, and remove your screen protector if you have one installed.

Otherwise, this seems likely to be an issue with the sensor itself to me, and probably the front facing camera needs to be replaced.

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How to repair my phone

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