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The Ninja Coffee Bar CF086 is a coffee maker with a 43 oz. Thermal Carafe and Auto-iQ One Touch Intelligence.

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How can I get access to inside of machine

My machine has been in storage for 2 years. I want to use it again but the "CLEAN" light will not turn off no matter how many regular or enhanced cleaning cycles i run. Can I take the machine apart to clean inside? I tried taking the top off by unscrewing the 4 screws underneath but it still doesn't want to come off and seems to be hooked together somewhere still.

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Hi Moe's Mom,

Yes, you can take apart this machine. Due to the nature of the company, doing so might likely void whatever warranty (if applicable) you have remaining on it

You can follow this wiki to take apart various areas as needed: Ninja Coffee Bar CF086

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Additionally, refer to the following issue, which (based off of what you have stated here) is similar: Drip stop light prevents brewing


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