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Released November 2020, the PS5 console features vastly upgraded visuals and an innovative new Dualsense controller. The space-age black-and-white color scheme is a noticeable departure from PlayStation designs of the past.

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Ps5 weird shutdown issue... plz help!

A PS5 I'm working on is having a weird issue I haven't seen before. When you power it on it'll run for anywhere from a minute to 10 minutes perfectly, no video issues or anything. The it will blank out with a long beep only heard thru whatever tv it's plugged into, then immediately power off.

Power it back on it'll do a quick repair for not powering off properly then boot back up. Then it will run again for a minute to ten minutes then the same thing...

I've done a tear down and no obvious signs of anything burned out. Any suggestions on what could be going on? Anything to point me in a direction of a chip to replace or anything would be great.

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Is there a way to get it into a diagnostics mode ?


It sounds like it could be an issue with the Power Supply not functioning properly. Can I also ask what the reported issues with the system was that required work?


@jmehnert I could tear it down and swap the power supply. I do have a 2nd non functional digital ps5 I picked up I could salvage from.

I'm off work Sunday, I'll try swapping power supplies and will update with findings.

It's just so bizarre, during the time the system is actually up I see no issues with video or functionality. Then poof screen blanks and a long tone then power cuts...

As far as reported issue, wasn't clear. I received system in semi disassembled state, extremely clean almost new in condition inside and out.. not even any dust in the fan or heat sinks. No signs of liquid damage and the fan spins up fine. I looked over the board, applied new liquid metal and carefully reassembled.


@jmehnert I replaced the power supply with a known good one. Still same problem


@rguilmette1977 I'm also going to go off on a limb and guess that the fan is spinning fine and the CPU is antiquely cooled?


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I would even guess a short circuit somewhere on the board

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Sounds like it could be a PSU issue (when it shuts off, what game are you playing etc?). It is hard to tell the exact cause, but you can read the UART error codes by using a UART reader if you have a soldering iron to hand? Here is a guide -

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