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The third iteration of the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab tablet.

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, my Samsung Tab S3 screen went black please help:


So, a few years back I snagged a used Samsung Tab S3. She ran like a charm for about five months—surfing, streaming, all that jazz. But then, out of the blue, these weird spots started showing up on the screen.

I brushed it off at first, figured it was a software glitch. But two months later, boom—the screen went completely black. The only buttons that still light up are the ones next to the home button. It's like a total blackout.

Any ideas what could've caused this sudden screen death? I'm pretty bummed since I was really loving this tablet. Any tips or suggestions on what to do next would be greatly appreciated!! Note, I'm pretty sure that I didn't drop it before.

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This sounds like a faulty screen. You can buy a new one here and follow the below instructions to replace it.

Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 Screen

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 LED Light Replacement

Imagem de Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 Screen


Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 Screen


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