The Laptop Is not turning on after opening it and repasting it

I was opening it right, It's battery was not unplugged because there was a stripped screw, I tried my best but nothing, so I half unplugged the battery, I basically had the computer on idk if that messed with anything but I used a paper towel soaked in isopropyl to clean off the thermal paste and idk but I was sweating a bit so idk if that did anything, but after all that I repasted and closed it up and when I turn it on nothing, then I unplug and replug the battery and when I plug in the charger, there's an orange light, so i try to turn it on, a white light appears, but nothing its just a black screen and no fan spin and the CPU isn't even warming up, so I try again and again open and close to no avail, so please can someone help me because this is my only good laptop that I have

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