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Repair and service information related to the ResMed AirSense 10 CPAP machine. Also known as the ResMed Air10.

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The Power cord is not keeping power to the unit. It is very positional

The power cord is very positional and I can barley touch the cord and it will turn off then I have to wiggle the cord to get it to come back on. Is there a fix for this that I can do?

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If I understand you correctly, the mains (AC) power cord supplying a device from a wall power socket is intermittent. If this is so, the likely cause is an internal break of one of the two wires (either the live [hot] or the neutral wire). It doesn't matter which. When you wiggle the cord the 'open' circuit (wire) then connects. But this is temporary and random.

This is also not safe - especially if the item being supplied by the cord uses a large current (for example a kettle, heater or any other device with a high wattage rating). The danger is overheating of the wire's insulation which may eventually lead to a fire or shorting out with other wires close to it resulting in sparks.

Mains cords usually consist of two to three wires (the third one being the earth wire) and are tightly contained in a outer insulating plastic or rubber tubing (sleeve)

So the short answer is: Replace the cord.

If however you are not familiar with how to open the device or its plug (which may be moulded) the break can be detected by an instrument that does this job. (There are many available and quite cheap). After detecting the 'break', REMOVE THE DEVICE'S PLUG FROM THE WALL SOCKET (!!) and cut the cord an inch or two on either side of it, tnen open the outer insulation. (You will see where the break is when opening up the cut-off section).

Then re-unite the wires according to their individual colored insulation. This can be done using insulated crimping lugs or soldering then thoroughly insulating the joints with electrical insulation tape. Or you can use connecting blocks.

PS: if you are unfamiliar with electrics, please take the unit to a repair shop or ask a friend who is.

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