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TUF Gaming Laptop (Best Buy Intex chip model) with i7, GTX4070, 15" screen.

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Help! Upgraded memory, added 2nd SSD, now won't power up!

Followed instructions to upgrade RAM (2x8 to 2x16) and add 2nd SSD (4TB). Worked fine, now it won't power on.

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@sjminkoff I would suspect the RAM as the prime suspect. Double check your work and replace the new RAM with the old one and see if that changes anything.

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Double check the specifications on your laptop model and make sure you installed the correct type of ram and make sure you didn't go over what the motherboard is rated for. Make sure you installed the modules correctly and just double check the connection on the SSD, what happens when you try to power it on? Does anything happen or nothing at all?

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It is the correct type of RAM. I had upgraded previously, and it worked perfectly, but then had to downgrade when I returned for warrantee service.


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