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Apple's mainstream 2021 iPhone was released on September 24th and comes with a 6.1" OLED display, a dual 12 MP camera system, and in five available colors. Successor to the iPhone 12.

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NFC compatibility between 12 and 13?

I have a very damaged iPhone 13 back glass that includes the NFC being damaged. My question is compatibility as I'm having difficulty with availability on the replacement. Is the NFC for iPhone 12 interchangeable with the 13?

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It may not be straightforward due to differences in the internal design and specifications between the two models. Additionally, attempting to transfer individual components between iPhones can be complex and risky, potentially causing further damage.

It's generally recommended to seek professional assistance or consult with an authorized person to determine the best course of action for repairing your iPhone 13's damaged NFC functionality. They can provide guidance on compatibility and the safest repair options available for your specific situation.

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I am a certified device repair

But you're right... it's very risky and potentially more damaging.

The owner of the damaged 13 is on a fixed income with very little money to spare. He couldn't afford to order replacement parts...but he had a 12 and asked if the part could be transferred to the 13.


To my original question about compatibility between the 12 and 13 nfc...

They are not interchangeable. The connectors are not the same and the flex is slightly different also.


@amberrogers It appears you've already answered your own question, but just to elaborate a bit further, in general you are pretty much always correct if you answer "No" to the question, "Are components interchangeable between Apple models?" Each phone is designed specifically for that particular model and the flex cable length and orientation of connectors is almost always different even if the actual component and connectors match up, so it's extremely rare for any parts to be interchangeable.

Now the SE models are the exception to that rule; they basically take an existing model and redesign the motherboard to use a newer processor, so many parts are interchangeable between the base model and the SE.

Not really relevant here since you're talking about a 12 and 13, where my immediate response is that it's unlikely the components will be compatible.


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Yes it is also it has Apple pay my mum uses it and it works fine

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