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Repair and detailed information for the LG Refrigerator LMX25984**, a bottom freezer type refrigerator with automatic defrost system and anti-sweat heater switch, introduced in 2010. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern LMX25984**.

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Flap not opening to drop the ice cubes.

Makes ice okay, and drops into the chute okay, but the flap will not opening to drop the ice cubes.

I can open the flap manually with my fingers, then the cubes will fall.

Is there a motor associated with opening of the flap?

Any help appreciated,



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This is likely a dead solenoid, which operates the Ice Door flap.

  1. Remove the Ice Funnel by pulling it down.
  2. Remove the entire dispenser panel by getting your fingernails or a putty knife underneath and pulling out.
  3. Disconnect the electrical connecter to the front panel PCB.
  4. Remove the 4 screws attaching the bracket that the Ice Funnel connects to which will expose the solenoid that controls and opens the Ice Door flap.

You may be able to clean the connectors and reinstall which could resolve the problem. If not, you'll need to replace this component. Provide your exact model number for a specific part number recommendation.

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