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Eighth generation of iPad, released September 18, 2020, available in 32 or 128 GB models. Model Number A2270.

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Charger broke off a tiny corner piece in charger jack. How to remove i

A tiny corner piece of charger broke off in charger hole & now cannot fit charger in. How to remove it

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post pic so we can see what you are talking about


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The Lightning Port on the iPad 8 should be large enough to use a set of Angled Precision Tweezers to remove the bit of charger that's stuck in there. Just be sure to turn off the iPad and remove the iPad from its case, if it is in one.

Imagem de Precision Tweezers Set


Precision Tweezers Set


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i would also recommend using none conductive tweezers or maybe a skewer stick might work.


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