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The V2 Controller comes in different Generations. You’re looking at Generation 4.

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Left stick activates the right trigger

I was having this issue with my ds4 that the R2 trigger kept activating itself spontaneously, I checked the input reading in DS4Windows and it did in fact show that the R2 was working on its own.

I read on this thread that this issue is caused because of dirt between the contact surfaces of the cable sheet and the trigger and the solution was to just clean them. I've replaced the cable sheet before so I knew how to clean it safely, and so I did, but after I reassembled everything the r2 trigger stopped working all together. The reading in DS4Windows show that the R2 is completely dependent on the left stick now. It doesn't spontaneously activate itself now, but the &&^&^$^ left stick is controlling it.

Here is a demonstration. Can anyone help me out with this? What could be the issue? I found this thread on IFixit which describes the exact problem, but its for the Xbox controller. I don't seem to understand what parts are the DS4 equivalent to be able to narrow down the problem for myself.

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I actually found a relatively simple solution for this problem. Turns out, when I reassembled the controller after cleaning it, I did not put the little screw on the motherboard tight enough. This caused the little pins on the membrane that connect to the motherboard to be slightly misaligned. Tightening the screw seems to have done the job!

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Glad you managed to solve it!


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I've worked on DS4's before yet never encountered something exactly like this. I have to say it's a pretty weird issue. Here's what could be going on:

The analog sticks are independent of the cable sheet on the DS4's, Hence my initial thought would be that something has gone wrong with the main microcontroller onboard the controller and somehow an association has been created between the left analog and R2, someone mentioned something similiar in the xbox thread you mentioned.

Now IF this were the case, essentially repair is not feasible unless you have a replacement microcontroller and the skills to replace it successfully, BUT I highly doubt that this is indeed the case as I've never encountered a similar sceneario when working on DS4's

What I think more likely is the case is that the cable sheet got damaged when you were cleaning it, those things are ridiculously fragile and I've had multiple go bad in weird ways while trying to clean them. Since you said that before cleaning the sheet the controller was behaving differently and no association existed between left analog and R2 I believe that further proves my theory. The movement of the analog stick might be physically compressing the sheet in a way which causes right trigger to press down..

So, now what?

Well one way to confirm this theory is to disassemble the controller and completely take the sheet out and reassemble the controller, of course no buttons will actually work now apart from the analog sticks since those are soldered on the motherboard. So in theory by doing so, if the sheet was causing the issue, then the left analog should no longer be effecting the R2. If that is the case, go ahead and buy a replacement sheet (I believe it's called a membrane which is the proper term, if you want to find a replacement that is the keyword you should use.).

If this isn't the case then unfortunately the microcontroller is probably the issue, making it infeasible to fix.

Good luck!

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Hi, thank you so much for your response. Really insightful information. I tested out your theory and the membrane seemed to be working fine. Someone on reddit suggested that the pins of the membrane that connect to the motherboard may be misaligned and I should tighten the screw on the motherboard, so I did that when I reassembled my controller. That seemed to have done the trick. Thankfully it was not the microcontroller!


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