No power, can be only the cpu?

There is no light, nothing of nothing, and the power supply is always orange, it seems to output the right voltage, I opened the Xbox (I broke the plastic cover :( ) but what I can relate to this problem is the CPU, is there something that can I check? (sorry for the bad English I hope you will understand me)

Update (01/22/24)

Block Image

Block Image

Here they are, i checked the first one said by alex and they seem to be fine, all this white "dust" can be related to the problem? For old turkey, i will check better, but after the isopropyl alcohol will arrive and i have cleaned the board, if you have something where can i check voltages and other things it will help me a lot

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Have you checked the contacts downstream of the power input?


@frankaaaa you've checked your switch, your wiring,? You've measured any voltages on the motherboard? Checked the voltage regulators :-) It might help if you post a couple of good pictures of your motherboard. Let's see if we can point out a few voltage test points so you can narrow it down. Adicionar imagens a uma pergunta já existente


Hello, thank you for the tips, when i'll be at home i'll post


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