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Released April 2020, this phone has a metallic blue plastic back and contains a stylus. It can be identified by model number XT2043-4.

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How to change the charging port

How to change the charging port on a Moto stylist

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@jerryranney I assume you are looking at Moto G Stylus. Which version?


@oldturkey03 The device page here is pointing to what is apparently the actual and complete name for this poster's phone. Here's the GSMArena page for it.


@dadibrokeit the question was converted from a comment to a question. Whenever that happens it pulls the device from the original question. Just ensuring that the OP has a 2020 not a 2021 or 2021 model, which may or may not use the same charging port.


@oldturkey03 Ah, gotcha. Couldn't know that just from what appeared in the list. Thanks for the clarification.


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Hi Jerry,

Hey, great name, by the way! :D

I wasn't able to locate an iFixit-style guide for you, but there's a pretty good YouTube video available to walk you through the procedure. It's pretty standard for many of the Android phones; remove the back cover, take off the midframe and you've got access to the daughter board holding the charging port. Swap out that daughter board and you're all set! Here you go.

Motorola Moto G Stylus 2020 XT2043 Charging Board Replacement - YouTube

Best of luck with your repair! Be sure and take lots of pictures so when you're done you can use them to create your own iFixit guide to that repair. It's easy, fun and will earn you the gratitude of the community!

Create a new Guide - iFixit

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Youtube is full of great guides on how to perform various repairs on various models. If you could share the model number from your specific device I can find a guide for you.

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