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Released November 2020, the PS5 console features vastly upgraded visuals and an innovative new Dualsense controller. The space-age black-and-white color scheme is a noticeable departure from PlayStation designs of the past.

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Which power supply to get: 400DR or 400ER?


I am looking to replace power supply in a PS5. The console is from the first batch, the very first model of everything. I disassembled to confirm that the power supply's model is ADP-400DR.
Obvious choice would be to replace with the same, but given that it died (un- or less- reliable perhaps) and there is a newer 400ER version on the market which seems compatible by size, contacts and screws placement (yet newer 400FR is not compatible for sure).

Is it a good idea, you think, to replace 400DR with 400ER?


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In this case go with the unit version that was in the console. I’m not sure whether you have the digital unit or the disc / Blu-ray? The failures seem to be from operating temps causing component failures over time? A new firmware could have already have been rolled out (or not) and just make sure to limited idle run time. Make sure there is plenty of space around the console for the fan to dissipate internal heat. The other version is physically compatible but might lack components that limit the amount of power in certain situations. The main thing is not exposing it to extra heat via poor ventilation. Max frame rate will cause a surge in power also. Hope this helps. I’d like to know what you do and how it works out if you can update us?

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