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Ninth generation of iPad, released September 24, 2021, available in 64 or 256 GB models. Model Number A2602.

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Screen replacement causes lcd to go crazy?

Hey all first time poster, I replaced the screen in my daughter’s iPad 9th gen 10.2” . The replacement went well and nothing visibly went array. It’s my first replacement but I wanted to attempt to do it myself worst case the iPads are on sale for $250 right now. Long story short I replaced the touch screen, I powered the iPad on before finalizing the install so I could test the touch screen before securing above the lcd. Everything worked flawlessly. I got everything put together and powered the iPad on, and the lcd goes nuts. Can’t type in the passcode or anything. It spams the passcode and locks me out. I ordered another touch screen thinking that may be a problem. It gets here tomorrow. But I’m thinking there may be another issue? Possibly lcd? I did remove the touch screen again, I powered the iPad on with no touch screen and the lcd seems to go crazy even without the touch screen attached. Any idea??

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This sounds like you are on the right track. It sounds weird, but in my recollection, it's normal for the screen to totally freak out without a touch screen connected. I think that started in the iPad 5 or 6? But it's possible the digitizer was damaged during reassembly, or even just that a cable is pinched.

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