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Hybrid laptop/tablet manufactured by Microsoft. Released October 2015. Model 1703.

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Surface Book Model 1793 i7 no power

Have a Surface Book Model 1793 i7 per device information. Not sure if it’s a book or a 2. The battery under keyboard are swollen and need to replace. Any help with comparable battery would be helpful. Thanks

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heres a guide to replace you surface keyboard battery you should also note that that swollen batts are dangerous, and you should take extra precaution, and this device is pretty hard to repair, with a rating of 1/10. just be extra careful!!

heres also the replacement battery:

hope this helps!^^

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Thank you. Very help. Based on your comment about swollen battery being dangerous ( I read the same). What is the danger? Any insight on how to reduce the risk? Thanks


Pulled the back cover of the keyboard to expose the battery. Interesting that it does not look like the one you suggested and has two connection Any idea or help would be appreciated on what replacement battery this is.


@dusnej swollen batteries can pose a risk if punctured or damaged, it can cause fires or burns, as long as you keep the battery in a safe area and dispose of it properly, it should be fine ^^


@dusnej what is the model number on your device?


@timtomissus Surface Book 2 - 15 in. 1TB i7 16GB with GPU. I post some pics in another post


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