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Why is my screen at the bottom half fully black?

I turned it on no cracks or anything and it’s just black on the bottom half

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Unfortunately there are so many different kinds of TVs out there with different technologies that we can't help you without knowing more about which TV you have. What's the name of the manufacturer and the model number of it?

I would also suggest that it would help if you post a picture of what you're seeing on the screen; that will help us diagnose the issue better than just relying on your description.

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Hello, TheNextGenz, I see your issue here is, that the bottom of your screen is fully black. I am here to assist you with this issue.

Usually, reasons for a part of your screen being fully black, and not cracked, let's say that the top part of your screen is lit up, and the bottom isn't, the issue would most probably be a backlight issue, where the backlight fuse, has blowed up, or wore out. So, the backlight of the bottom of the screen wont function. To further solve this issue, please tell us your TV model, thank you!



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