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The Epson Stylus Photo 1400 Inkjet Printer prints high quality prints of up to 13" x 19". In addition, it supports cd/dvd printing.

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epson 1410 all lights are blinking no movement no nothing else

Hi guys

all the lights on my epson keep blinking. Power light and paper and ink all are blinking when i turn the device on. there is no movement of head. just nothing

There seems to be no communication with lap top as i can not see the error on status monitor. It just reads " check all the connections"

could it be the mainboard issue?

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forgot to mention that my device is 1410


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Download 1410 Resetter Adjustment Program

and follow the instruction, don't forget to use original USB cable.

Any other indication you can write here.

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there is no communication between laptop and printer. how can adjustment program work in this state?


Use original USB cable (come with the printer)


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