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The Microsoft Surface Headphones (GUW-00001) were released in 2018, and are Bluetooth enabled, noise-cancelling headphones geared toward the commuter and office worker.

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Tips for disassembling the top band support on Surface Headphones?

So like many others, my headphones have snapped at the band after 13 months of near daily use (sadly, only a little after the warranty expired) and after browsing some solutions I think I'd like to 3D print a replica part and use that in place of the broken one.

There are a few guides out there for disassembling and fixing the Microsoft Surface Headphones 1st gen bands which I've noticed have black sliders that can be taken out, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to disassemble the Surface Headphones 2, which I think uses the same mechanism with a clear plastic.

One of the guides I'm looking at here appears to take out those black sliders using a credit card or screwdriver but I'm having trouble doing this without snapping the plastic itself, and was wondering if maybe that is the only way to go.

Here's an image of what my headphones look like at the moment:

Block Image

If anyone has any tips for this, would greatly appreciate it!

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I was able to figure this out!

As it turns out there is a snap fit locking mechanism that holds the sliders/clear plastic to the defective band. You can shimmy a credit card in between to pop it out of the snap fit. Here are some images for anyone struggling:

Block Image

Block Image

In the image I'm using the corner of an old credit card (make sure it's an expired or out of use one since it may bend the plastic) and then the back side of a nail cutter -- but I would recommend using the side edge of a credit card as ultimately this loosened the plastic off the snap fit the fastest.

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