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Released October 26, 2018. Models A1984, A2105, A2106, A2108. Available as GSM or CDMA / eSIM, nano-SIM or dual-SIM / 64, 128, or 256 GB / Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Coral, or Red. (Pronounced "iPhone 10 R.")

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iPhone XR not charging and overheating


I have an iPhone XR which was taken to a repair shop to have its display replaced. They however failed to complete the repair successfully.

When I got it, I noticed the phone was not charging and was unusually warm - I assumed this was due the fried battery. However, after replacing the faulty display and battery, the phone works fine, however it still isn't charging and still gets quite warm.

Any ideas on what could be causing this issue? When I plug the charger in, the charging cable icon turns off and when I unplug it, the charge icon comes back on. I assume this means a charger is detected, but the phone just isn't charging?

Would wireless charging solve the issue, or is the problem with the charging IC?

any help would be much appreciated. Thank you : )

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I'd suggest testing your phone with a wireless charger, as that will give you valuable information whether its the charging circuitry on the motherboard or the connection between the charging port and the logic board. If wireless charging works correctly, that would verify that the battery and charging electronics are working and would leave the lightning port flex cable assembly as the probable culprit.

If charging wirelessly gives you similar results to wired charging, then you may be looking at a motherboard issue, which is generally going to be difficult and expensive to repair. It could, however, also point to a possibly faulty replacement battery, or even a damaged FPC battery connector on the logic board.

Out of curiosity, did you do the battery replacement yourself, or did you have that shop (or a different one) do the work? I'm curious because as of the iPhone XS and later, (including the XR), Apple started pairing the battery to the logic board. Unless you're an Apple authorized repair facility, the only way to replace the battery and not get a warning message that your battery may not be genuine is to transfer the battery's BMS board from the old battery to a new cell. If they did that, then it's possible a faulty Battery Management System circuit could have been just moved from the old battery to the new one, bringing the problem with it. If you're getting the Important Battery Message, then that has not been done and you undoubtedly have an entirely new battery - not that it precludes it from being faulty, but it's unlikely that a new battery would have exactly the same problem as your old one did.

So I'd say your next step would be to pick up or borrow an inexpensive wireless charger and see how the phone behaves when you use that. Test it out then come back and let us know what you find and we'll figure out where to go from there, depending on what you find.

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I purchased a cheap wireless charger as you suggested, however it doesn't charge the phone and just slides around the back panel with little to no magnetic adhesion (It was advertised as magsafe).

as for the battery, I did the replacement myself as I didn't want to go through the extra hassle of transferring the BMS board and am fine with the battery non genuine message.

I am unsure of what I should do now. Should I pick up another wireless charger in the hopes that the one I bought is faulty?

Your help is much appreciated!



In the meantime I have managed to get the phone to recognise the wireless charger (it is extremely fiddley) however I am getting the same thing as I did with the wired charger (overheating phone, battery flat logo when charger connected, battery flat and charger icon when the charger is not connected)

The battery does seem to have a very slight amount of charge now, as I can use the power button + volume down to get it to turn on to the battery flat logo, which I couldn't before hooking it up to the wireless charger


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