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Model SVE14AJ16L, released in 2013. Also know as the VAIO E-Series. Intel processor, Up to 8GB of RAM.

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Where can I find the Card reader driver for windows 10?

The Ricoh MemoryStick/sd card reader driver. Sony does not host legacy drivers apparently. Windows 10 cannot find one automatically. this laptop shipped with windows 8, and I figure that driver would work, but I cannot find it anywhere.

Please help.

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I found a driver that worked here:

its not for this exact laptop, but I got the card reader working.


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googling "Ricoh MemoryStick/sd card reader driver" I found this.

Might work. Try a search next time.

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thank you, but this did not work. and I did search quite extensively before posting my question. cannot find drivers listed for my exact laptop model, when I try other adjacent model drivers, no luck. didn't occur tome to try a different makers driver as the reader is for "Memory Stick" as well as SD card, which only Sony products have as far as i know. Guess I'll just have to keep plodding. thanks anyway.


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