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The OpenCore patcher allows for easy installations of macOS that are not supported on your system.

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What about new Apple updates?

I just installed OpenCore Legacy Patcher and Sonoma on my 2015 iMac and everything seems to have gone smoothly with no glitches yet. Now I'am wondering what will happen with new Apple updates? Will the computer update normally like it has in the past? Or will I have to go through this installation rain dance every time?

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To answer my own question, I just went thru the update process for 14.1.2 and it was pretty painless. Soon after the new update started downloading, the Opencore patcher popped up and requested permission to update itself (I think). I gave it permission and the OS update proceeded with one hang near the end. I restarted, let it finish and since then everything has been fine.

As previously noted, we will be S.O.L. when Intel support dries up, but for now everything is fine.


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Sorry our Crystal Ball is a bit foggy!

There is no way to answer this question as Apple has a few times altered their OS requiring one to rebuild the drive when using an OS shim service like Open Core.

To add to that Apple is likely to pull Intel support soon focusing only on M Series based systems. So while the older macOSs still will work if your Apps need something newer or you want what the newer OS offers you may not have much of a choice.

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Unfortunately updating is quite difficult with OpenCore. You will have to redo Root Patching, and you may have to disable SIP completely, and keep it disabled. You may even need to rebuild the kext cache many times before it works. But, security updates are the only updates that will give you problems. Other than that, any app updates, minor updates, etc., you won't have too many issues.

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