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ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop - FX505D-DBQ234T with i5-8750H and Nvidia gforce GTX. MFD-2019-05.

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The Screws in the labtop have fallen out

The screws in the bottom part of the laptops have fallen out. What do I do about this? I'm fairly sure that I should just take it too a local electronic fixing store. But I am unsure how much that would cost. Also I went to home advisor and it said that the job would cost about 300 dollar's and that seemed unreasonable, how much would this really cost?

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The first question is how did the screws came out in the first place? Must be a story there.

Yes the quoted price is ridiculous!

Here is one possible ASUS parts supplier for your laptop

Click here

They sell a screw set for 15GBP . But shop around if you like.

You will have to experiment a bit. Don't force any screw in. Be very gentle. The correct size should fit easily.

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