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The Nothing Phone (1) is the first phone produced by the Nothing company.

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Display change and price

Display change and price

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@rcg46259 It appears that screens are available for your phone, although being new the OLED displays aren't cheap; not as bad as some, but still moderately expensive. iFixit has had a replacement guide out for a while now; here are the instructions on how to replace the screen yourself.

Nothing Phone (1) Screen Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

As far as the cost, it's going to depend on what you spend for a replacement screen and any tools you need to purchase to do the job; that's entirely up to you. I was only able to locate one seller who had the screen for sale, but you may be able to locate more with a proper search.

LCD DISPLAY For nothing phone1 A063 LCD Display With Touch Screen panel Digitizer Assembly Replacement - AliExpress

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