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The Samsung Galaxy J3 was released in 2018 and goes by many different model names from carrier to carrier. Devices that pertain to this guide include the J3 Star from T-Mobile, the Galaxy Amp Prime 3 from Cricket, the Galaxy J3 V 2018 from Verizon, and the Galaxy J3 Aura from US Cellular.

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My phone marinated in rotiserie chicken juice

hi yeah i went to the store and bought a rotiserie chicken and when i got home i didnt think nothing of it and threw my phone in with the chicken when i took it out of the bag it was drowning in chicken juice so i immediately took the battery out and dried it out for like three days i put the battery back in it and it powered on but i couldnt see nothing but a black screen is there anything i can do to fix it

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Has anyone repaired the cellphone before?
If not, you may have to disassemble the unit to clean the components with a special liquid to prevent corrosion. It's best not to plug in the charging cable and immediately take it to a service center. It's possible without replacing the parts and the component most likely to be damaged in this case is the screen.

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