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Apple's mainstream 2021 iPhone was released on September 24th and comes with a 6.1" OLED display, a dual 12 MP camera system, and in five available colors. Successor to the iPhone 12.

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Ear speaker not working cannot hear while connected to a call

My iPhone 13 ear speaker is not working. When ever I get a call I cannot hear anything I need to use loud speaker to talk to

Whts wrong with ear speaker ?

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Try checking to see if there are any permission restrictions regarding telephone use


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There could be several reasons why your iPhone 13's ear speaker isn't functioning. Here are some actions to identify the issue and possibly resolve it: Clean the Speaker: The ear speaker may occasionally become blocked with dust or other debris. Use a gentle brush or pressurized air to thoroughly clean it and make sure there are no obstructions. Try resetting your iPhone by pressing the power button. Restarting the device can sometimes fix problems caused by software bugs. Verify that the most recent updates to software have been set up on your iPhone by checking for revisions. Apple frequently releases updates to address bugs and enhance system functionality.

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Well I will suggest to check replace your calling speaker and also check for any physical damage can also cause this issue as well.

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