I want to fix the drift that occurs after replacing the sticks for rep

The right stick broke on my DualShock 4, so I decided to replace the stick and repair it myself.

For this purpose, I purchased an orange stick made by favor.union on Amazon.

After I managed to finish replacing the stick, I checked the condition of the stick with a pad tester and found that for some reason it had drifted even though it was brand new.

This was due to the fact that during the replacement, the controller adds a hardware identification feature, so when the joystick is changed, the setting does not work and the wrong resistance is generated.

The stick I purchased from Amazon had a board for adjustment that came with it. So they can adjust the incorrectly generated resistance.

However, even if I fixed the drift with that, it did not give me a usable feel that I am satisfied with.

I was told that I could correct the incorrectly generated resistance by adding a 0402 33 18k resistor, but I could not figure out where to solder the resistor.

As a result, the stick drift was solved by getting a warranty from sony.

Of course, the controller that received that warranty was another broken controller.

How does sony repair sticks?

I really wonder.

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