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Allwinner A13 Tablets were released around 2012-2013. Comes in blue, black, white, and other colors.

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How do you fix a cracked screen

How do you fix a cracked screen?

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Hi Jonathan,

Your question has two different answers depending on which part is broken. The "screen" as you state it, is generally considered to be composed of the digitizer or touch screen, and the LCD, or display screen. On many devices, especially cell phones, the two parts are bonded together and must be replaced as a single unit. However, on many, perhaps even most, tablets the digitizer is separate from the LCD and the two parts can be replaced individually.

So it's going to depend on which part is broken as far as what kind of answer you get. Is the LCD okay and you have a good picture but the front glass is cracked? If that's the case you'll only need to replace the digitizer/front glass and not the LCD itself. Here's a video showing you how to replace it.

Replacement Touch Screen for AllWinner A33 A23 A13 Q88 Tablet Repair Guide Disassembly - YouTube

Replacing the LCD is quite a bit more work, as pretty much everything else in the tablet is mounted on the LCD itself, so you're basically going to have to gut the machine then rebuild it around a new LCD. There's not a lot of information available on that process, but here's one that should give you most of the information you would need to do the job.

disassemble of a Allwinner A13, Q88 7 inch Tablet and motherboard replacement - YouTube

If you decide to do either of these repairs, take lots of pictures as you work and use those to create your own iFixit guide once you're done. It's fun and easy and your work will be appreciated by those who come after you with the same problem.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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My taplet is broken

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Vashu, we need more information to be able to help. In what way is it broken? What is it doing or not doing? By broken do you mean it's non-functional, or it has physical damage?


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