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Repair and disassembly information for the second-generation iPhone SE that was announced and released in April of 2020.

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Display Calibration after replacement

I purchased a display for my iPhone SE 2020, but after replacement there are certain area's of the phone that do not work. I will try and select one letter and it will choose the one above it, try and delete that and it clicks on a different option. Is there calibration software I can run to correct this?

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Hi Richfalke,

No, there isn't any calibration needed when replacing a screen; it should just work once installed. Assuming you didn't have those problems with the original screen, my first suggestion would be to double-check the connectors. There are two of them right next to each other by the battery connector; one is for the LCD and the other is for the digitizer.

Block Image

My guess is that the digitizer cable isn't quite plugged in all the way and is causing the issues you're seeing. Unfortunately none of the guides I've located gives an indication of which of those two plugs is which, so you'll just have to check them both. Open the phone back up and unplug the battery.

Unplug both of the display connectors then take a magnifying glass and a bright light and check all four connectors - two on the cables and two on the motherboard - for any bent or broken pins. Bent pins can sometimes be straightened with some fine tip tweezers, but broken or missing pins are more problematic, depending on where the pin is.

If everything looks good there, take some 90% or higher concentration isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and clean all four connectors. Give them a minute to dry then reconnect everything up, plug the battery back in and see if it's working any better. If so, button it all back up and you're done!

If not, there may be an issue with the replacement screen; it's rare but it does happen. If your original screen is still usable enough to test with, try plugging it back in and see if the problem goes away. If you don't see an issue with the broken screen then that would tend to prove that the problem is with the replacement.

Most sellers offer a guarantee so if you get to this point you'll probably want to contact them regarding a replacement. As an example, iFixit offers a lifetime warranty on their screens so if you bought it from them you shouldn't have any problem getting it swapped out.

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