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The Meta Quest 3 mixed reality headset was released on October 10th, 2023 and is the direct successor to the Meta Quest 2 and in many ways the spiritual successor to the Meta Quest Pro.

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Charging pogo pinout - diy replacement of dock

I want to make myself a charging dock out of the box the headset came in but I'd need to know the pinout and possible handshake I would need to mimic. Could anyone who has the dock measure the voltages and see/record and communication over the data pin?

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i want to know the same thing as well, i already use a magnetic usb c cable but a dock would be nicer


Me too please. Can someone take a meter to one of these docks a tell us what the pinout is?


Just waiting for someone... anyone, to buy the dock 😆


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like this

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I don't know Chinese, please let me know if you'd prefer me to use some translator.

The inner pin doesn't matter in this case? It's enough to provide 5V to the outside pin and ground to the middle one? I tried doing this with some USB charger cables without luck back when I posted the question.


The PIN near the middle is GND, and the PIN near the outside is+5V. The PIN in the middle reflects the charging state by changing the ground resistor value.

use a 10k pull up resistor link to the pin in the middle pin. 5v means NO CHARGING, 1.7 means CHARGING.


The inner pin just a indicator for charging state. if I am right.


official accessory page says:

USB-C Input 9V/12V/15V

Contact Output 5V/9V/12V

so there seems it suppport charing at a higher voltage


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Connect the wires, red to red and black to black and add a type A port to charge it

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Which wire to which pogo pin? :) Tried checking USB 2 connection like this without luck.


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