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JuiceBox Pro 40 from 2016 emitting six beeps

I have a JuiceBox Pro 40, PCB 8.14.1, Manufactured June 24 2016. It is emitting 6 beeps repeatedly. For a while it took about a minute after plugging in my Leaf for it to start charging. Now it has stopped charging and is emitting 6 beeps after powering it on, pauses and then repeats.

According to

this error is:

"This error is an internal system fault - usually related to pilot
signal generation. Check that your control pilot (CP) signal pin isn't
shorted. Contact Support if this code persists."

I have the box open and see where the small wire from the J1772 plug goes to the circuit board. I don't see any burned out components yet.

Any ideas of how to try to repair this?

Edit: Adding Images

PCB Image:

Block Image

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Tagging @falconfour as he seems to be the expert on this.


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Oo... 6 beep! I think that one was added specially to cover an error with the -12v (negative 12v) failing. It was a relatively common issue with v8.12, due to an undersized capacitor (spec'd for 16v, but physically too small, and loved to crack) that shorted the -12v rail. v8.14 was the board that started getting the firmware that addressed (raised a fault for) the issue with v8.12, but the capacitor was no longer a problem on that board. It did, however, use the same DC-DC converter design that v8.12 used - and it was problematic.

In your case, the -12v DC-DC converter may have died. How dirty do you want to get your hands? I made a significantly improved version of the converter circuit (based on a MUCH simpler chip, designed for the task... can't believe we didn't know about that part in 2014 when this circuit was being developed). I haven't listed it for sale, but if you're willing to get your hands dirty, I might just post them up and make a guide for it.

Can you add a photo of your board, and I can point to where to measure voltage?

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Added PCB image to original question.

I am comfortable desoldering a few components and replacing them. If I need to desolder more than 8 connections I may not want to put that much effort into the fix or trust my soldering skills to be up to the task.


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