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How do I fix the bottom part that lets you spin the screwdriver

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I don’t even know how it happened but I’d like to fix my screwdriver.

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I see, you have the regular iFixit screwdriver, not the precision one. The regular screwdriver has a different design and requires a different method to fix the swivel cap. Here are some possible solutions you can try:

- If the swivel cap is detached from the handle, you will need to reattach it by using a retaining ring plier or a small flathead screwdriver to remove the retaining ring that holds the ball bearings in place. You can find a retaining ring plier on Amazon² or other online stores. Be careful not to lose any of the ball bearings when you remove the retaining ring. You can also watch this video³ for a demonstration of how to remove and install a retaining ring. Once you remove the retaining ring, you can slide the swivel cap back onto the handle and secure it with the retaining ring. You may need to apply some grease or lubricant to the ball bearings to make them spin smoothly.

- If the swivel cap, the retaining ring, or any of the ball bearings are damaged or missing, you will need to replace them with compatible parts. You can contact iFixit customer service⁴ and ask for a replacement or a refund. They offer a lifetime warranty on most of their tools.

I hope these solutions help you fix your iFixit screwdriver. If you have any questions or need more assistance, please let me know. 😊

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I think that’s for the precision one and not the regular one because there’s a retaining ring in front of this what looks like it prob has ball bearings inside it and rotates but idk. Screw is completely inside the housing and a washer is preventing it from coming out.


@gneissshorts ive just updated my answer. please read it again and tell me how it goes.


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