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Kenmore is a popular appliance brand commonly sold by Sears, but Sears does not manufacture any of the appliances themselves. Instead, they source that out and have other manufacturers make their appliances for them. Kenmore refrigerators are made by a variety of different manufacturers including LG, Electrolux, GE, and Whirlpool.

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New fridge water filter not working

It was time to replace the water filter (4396841 EDR3RXD1) Tried 3 different generic and finally an OEM. None of them work. Tried pre filling them. Nothing. Put the old filter in and it works great. We have compared the old and new but can't find any difference. Help please

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Examine the original filter carefully for overall length, distance between inlet and outlet ports, O-rings and their locations. Compare with the OEM replacement. Be sure the two O-rings remain on each filter after removal from the refrigerator. There may be a sensor to detect faulty alignment or poor mechanical connection to prevent water flow, resulting in water on the floor. If O-rings aren't missing, perhaps a Q-tip with a little vegetable oil swabbed onto each O-ring may allow lubrication to allow better fitment of replacement filters.


Thank you. Unfortunately my problem remains unsolved.


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Issue has been resolved. I filed the solid plastic stem a couple times. It was a millimeter too long and would not let the prongs seat properly.

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Thank you for following up and posting a solution.


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