Can someone plz help me?

I am not sure if this is my tablet or not but mine is android 4.4.2. It used to be a very nice tablet. Then in 2021 I had performed a factory reset and it got rid of all my updates. Google play services stopped working, Downloads stopped working, Chrome stopped working, and google play games stopped working. It barely worked. I couldn't even download updates. So then in June of 2022, I turned it on again just out of curiosity and it turned on but this time it was extremely slow and settings stopped working!! Then the thing shut off for no reason and kept looping on the "RCA Powered by Android" screen with the 2 dogs. It wouldn't even take me to the black and silver RCA screen. It is so stuck on that boot screen that no factory resets seem to be working. I am not a getting a replacement, I am not rooting it because I only have a Chromebook that I cannot get Linux on and I can't afford to go to a repair shop. Can someone plz help me? I need help with the tablet not booting up.

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