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A1708/EMC 3164 — Released June 2017, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar).

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Mac HD Startup Issue

My macbook gets a startup error.

Block Image

I've tried the troubleshooting steps below:

  1. Powered down macbook with powerbutton.
  2. Hit power up and immediately pressed Cmd+R for recovery mode.
  3. Macbook askes for wifi, connected to wifi.
  4. Started Disk Utility and it onlys shows the OS X base system disk only.
  5. I run First Aid starting with the most inner to outer selection(I've also tried the reverse order in another attempt).
  6. Then I restart the Macbook.

I do this a few times until eventually my macbook is able to identify my profile meaning my HD is now readable by my system, so now I can open Disk Utility again and it will finally show my Mac HD Volume.

When this happens I run First Aid from inner to outer and restart the system.

At this point I am finally able to get to the login and log into my desktop. I can start logged in until my next restart/sleep/shutdown then I have to do these steps all over again.

I also have an issue with charging where the macbook indicates it cannot charge the battery even with the supplied Apple charger and I've tried new ones as well at the Apple store. It'll only charge the laptop when it is sleeping or shut off but very slowly.

I tried replacing the battery with the iFixIt replacement battery. I still have the startup issue and I still cannot charge the laptop when it is awake. It is still charging the battery slowly when sleeping or shut off. The macbook notifies me that there are no apps taking significant power. I have also tried to doing a clean wipe of the laptop and these two issues persist.

Any ideas on what the problem may be? I am open to trying to fix this laptop before I trade it in for credits.


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@danielnava50666 From your description of the battery charging, I think you probably have some deep logic board-level problems. The only ways to solve that type of problem would be either a) replace the motherboard or b) take the motherboard to a motherboard repair specialist.

In other words, you might want to trade this one in for credits unless you have a good motherboard repair specialist near you.

Edit: As Sam said in the comments, back up any important data on this computer. If you needs methods to do this let me know by leaving a comment on this answer.

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I agree with @Andrewsawesome that it sounds like it is probably a MB issue. There is a small chance it could be an SSD issue (Which would explain the booting issues but NOT the power issues). In any case you're going to want to backup any important data the next time you get the computer booted back into the OS. You can either create a backup with Time Machine or you can just backup the specific files you want but I would do this SOON! Like yesterday soon!!


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