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Repair guides and teardowns for desktop PCs manufactured by Microsoft.

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My pc is not updating

how i fix my pc from undoing updates ?

Everytime turn on my pc its always updating but after its done it restarts and it says undoing update and i have to wait on that to undo then restart and it goes back to undo for a good 10-20min and then finally it opens.

Please help me!!!!

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Things like this can be a bit hard to repair because they can be caused by many different things. But here’s a couple places I might start.

  • You might have a faulty hard drive. Download Crystal Disk Info and see what it tells you about your disk. It will tell you quite plainly the health of the hard drive.
  • Run Windows Update troubleshooter. You can get there through settings, but I usually do a Windows Search for Troubleshooting. It should show an option for “Troubleshoot Settings.” You may need to click additional troubleshooters when you get there to see the whole list. Run through the Update troubleshooter. Sometimes it helps. Or it will at least give a better idea of where the hang up might be.
  • If the drive is good, or the update troubleshooter didn’t help, try to run a system file check.
    • Right click on the Start menu (or press Ctrl + X). And open Command as an Admin (or Powershell depending on settings and which version of Windows). This command runs either way.
    • You should get a blinking cursor and a spot to type in a black or navy window.
    • Type sfc /scannow then process enter. It should give a readout of its progress as it goes. Once it has finished, it will tell you if it found errors and whether or not it could fix them. It’s not a cure all, but it’s a fair start. Depending on where that gets you, there are some further things I would try. But

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