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Is there any way to fix a disconnected "dimple" in air mattress?

We've been using this Serta EZ Double High Queen Air Mattress with Electric Pump in lieu of a bed during a renovation and last week one of the dimples/indents on the top popped up... Is there any way for me to fix it?

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Hi Enzo,

I've pondered that question myself in the past, and came to the conclusion that no, it's not going to be feasible to fix. I found a video showing a guy dissecting a Coleman inflatable air mattress and here's what he found inside.

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As you can see, the "dimples" are created by a piece of material that stretches from one side of the mattress to the other. Obviously on yours one side or the other has come disconnected.

So now that we know what's going on, can it be fixed? First we have to figure out how that material is anchored to either side. My first guess would have been some sort of heat or ultrasonic weld; that's common with inflatables, but it's also possible some sort of glue was used as well. So that's an obstacle to be overcome; how to get that re-anchored well enough to stay permanently.

The second, and possibly bigger, question is, how do you get to the inside of the mattress in order to fix the broken dimple? Are you going to cut a slit in the side of the mattress then patch it back up when you're done? Buy a seam sealing machine and redo the seam along the edge?

It was mainly the second part of the question that stopped me in my tracks. I gave up before I hurt my brain too much trying to come up with a feasible scenario.

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Thanks for your insight! It served to solidify my own thought process and it was interesting to see what the inside of one of these looks like! I'll probably only resort to attempting to fix it as a last resort before getting a new one if the big bump bothers us enough.


@enzogrispino Can't argue with that logic. I think the only way I'd try to fix it is if I've already written it off and proceed on the assumption that it's probably going to be trash after the repair attempt.


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