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MainBoard possibly dead, yoga 7I 16in.(I couldn't find it on the menu)

My main bored and I was hopping to find where can I cost effectively get a new one? 1200 if that's what it takes that's what it takes. I was also claimed that several daughter boards where also bad. Is there a cost effective way to replace those boards from another device in the same line? I have had this laptop for less then a year and don't want to write it off.

Expanding on above: what made me send it in for warranty was that when powering on it wouldn't even make it to the splash screen, and all that would happen in the keyboard lights up and then it would self power off and repeat. Nothing short of disconnection of the battery could stop it. (Hense why I am so convinced it's a main bored issue.)

Sorry for the late reply this turned into a kerfuffle getting it back, and apart. If applicable I do feel comfortable desoldering and resoldering a new chip on. Can't find any resembling a sio chip is it integrated now on this generation?

Also about to go test SSD on known good computer. (Update: it didn't work even when first on the boot menu, not ready to call it dead though yet. Idk if you can still pull a win 11 drive out of an oem computer and plug it into a sepf build rig.)


Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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@drew7298 give us the complete model number for your Yoga, Then let us know why you think you need to replace all of those boards. What has happened to it. HAve you considered repairing what is possibly broken instead of just going ahead and looking for all those boards without even troubleshooting it. If you can post some good pictures of your boards with your Question. that way we know exactly what boards your have and what possible replacements there are

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