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The Airpods Pro 2nd Generation is a revision to the original Airpods Pro. Released on September 7th, they allowed better audio, 2 times more noise cancelling, and volume controls. It also boasts a larger battery, and a speaker on the case to make finding them easier.

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My left airpod won’t charge

My right AirPod won’t charge

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Hello, I've experienced this before in other wireless earbuds it can be an easy fix! The first and foremost action will be to clean the case and bottom of the pod with a cotton swab and 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol ensure that both are dry before trying to charge. If that doesn't fix the problem ensure that you have the most up-to-date software and the battery level on your case. Last resort just reset the buds by disconnecting them and reconnect them. If the problem persist it may be something internal in the buds in which case take them to a repair shop or contact Apple themselves. Hopes this helps!

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Battery problem low battery pick up

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What is problem


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