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The Airport Time Capsule is a wireless router and network-attached storage (NAS) device manufactured by Apple. Model A1409 is the fourth generation revision of the Time Capsule released in June 2011.

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HDD to SSD upgrade.

Hi guys,

I have an Apple AirPort Time Capsule 802.11n (4th Generation) A1409, 2TB.
The device is 11 years old and in working condition, but I would like to upgrade the HDD to an SSD for better performance.

I would appreciate it if you could educate me on all the tools and parts I need to do it myself since IFIXIT doesn't currently carry any parts that would be compatible with my device at the moment.

Many TIA

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Here’s the guide we have AirPort Time Capsule Model A1409 Disco Duro Replacement

You will need an adapter frame to mount the 2.5” SSD into the 3.5” HDD was.

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