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Repair and disassembly information for the 2020 refresh of the MacBook Air model A2179 with an Intel processor that was released in March 2020.

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Horizontal/vertical lines on 2020 M1 MacBook Air display (A2237)

I'm having issues with my 2020 M1 MBA display - big horizontal/vertical lines that obscure whatever is on screen.

I've found that reducing the amount of dark colours on my screen (switching from dark to light mode, etc) seems to help and occasionally I'll open the screen to the correct angle for the lines to disappear altogether/the display to appear as normal but more often than not they are present.

I've tried pretty much all of the troubleshooting steps I've found online - including connecting an external display (which worked fine) to confirm that the problem is related to hardware.

I guess my question is: could this be caused by something like a loose/faulty cable or connector? Is there any chance I can fix this without replacing the display?

Thanks in advance!

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As you did try an external display you’ve reduced the issue down to the display it’s self.

Review this guide MacBook Air 13" Early 2020 Display Replacement you don’t need to go past Step 8 as all we want to do here is inspect for liquid damage and reseat the display cable. If neither improved things it’s time for a new display assembly.

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Hey Dan,

I've ordered a P5 screwdriver - once it arrives I'll have a go at this and report back.



Hey Nathan, did this fix work for you? I have the exact same issue and also considering to fix it myself. Please update.


@fname - If your external display is working in Clam Shell mode it’s safe to say the issue is squarely within the internal display assembly. I’m sure Nathan got his system fixed by now over seven months later from his posting.


@danj - The display works on external monitor (I do not know what "Clam Shell mode" is) but simply connecting it to an external display works.

Also, with this same display, it works when the screen is adjusted to a certain angle. It is how I am able to type this reply to you here.

Closing the screen then opening it to a certain angle with some fine subtle tilting of the screen to a certain angle makes the screen to display normally.

This is how I use the laptop. Finding an angle that the display steadies. Of course any shaking or movement loses the working angle and the lines appear again.

It may help that I am a heavy user of this computer. It has been on almost always 24hrs a day, everyday since I got it in late 2020.

Till last year, the screen used to remain on with a screen saver on windows (I am using Parallels Desktop). From last year, I reduce the screen brightness to zero when leaving it on over night.

What I am interested in knowing is if it is fixable without changing the entire display.


@fname - Most everything is fixable! It’s just amount of cost time and money.

So… if have a microscope and the skills to do sub-millimeter soldering and access to the needed components I’m sure you could repair the display assembly. But in truth the time and effort (skills and tools too) it’s not worth it. In less than an hour with a replacement display in hand is quicker and cheaper!


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Good afternoon,

that doesn't sound very good does it. I have a few questions for you and also could you post an image for us please?

  • Does this happen during startup sequence or only once on the desktop?
  • Does this happen when idling or only when doing anything GPU intensive (hint hint)?
  • Does the same happen when plugged into an external display or just the internal one?
  • Did you update the OS recently as i've heard some issues with Mac studios (I know it has nothing to do with this i thought i'd bring it up though).

If i were to make a very early diagnosis i'd either say something is loose or something is going/gone bad. But that's the initial. We need to investigate further to have a better idea.

Update (09/12/23)

Hey Nick,

Thanks for the prompt reply! In answer to your questions:

- the lines are visible during boot sequence

- lines present when idling/no change based on GPU usage

- external display shows as normal/no lines

- no recent updates to OS

I've attached some photos here:

Let me know if you need anything else!

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