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Generally referred to as pants. Repairs range from patching a hole to replacing a zipper in Patagonia brand pants.

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Repair or replace hook of hook-and-webbing adjustable belt


I bought the Patagonia Dirt Craft Bike Shorts last year. They have a built-in adjustable belt / waistband with a hook on the end that slots into one of a range of loops as per the photo attached (from the page). The hook part of this piece of metal has broken off (it's turned from a "6" to a "o") on both sides, each time after a wash cycle despite following the instructions to wash cold/warm and tumble dry low.

I'm looking to repair or replace the hook pieces without having to send it in to Patagonia (but I will if I have to.) I am pretty ignorant to how I'd go about it. Any ideas?

I don't think any kind of glue or adhesive would hold the broken hook arms to the hook base (turning the "o" to a "6"), but maybe I'm wrong. I'm not sure where I'd get another hook piece like this. And if so, I'm not sure how I'd attach it, given that the "o" part is secured inside the strap.

Block Image

Thanks for your help!

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I think that is called a "G Hook", but I bet if you take it into a local haberdashery they'd be able to put you straight.

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